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Area Secretary Report 3 13 22

Area 3-13-22

Roll Call

Jayme GSR Insanity at it’ best Thurs 8pm

Donation $0 Lit $22

CGM Graceland Group Sun 7-8:30

Donation $0 Lit $10

Kelly CGM At the Last Minute Thurs 8pm

Donation $0 Lit $0

Mark CGM Attitude of Gratitude Mon 8-9:30

Donation $50 Lit $0

Need support and service positions

GSR Hope Without Dope Wed 8:30-10

Donation $30 Lit $0

Laura CGM Blue Skies Ahead Mon 7pm

Electronic Donation $ 20 Lit $0

Need GSR, Secretary

GSR No Matter What Wed 10am

Donation $0 Lit $0

Needs chair, support

Janet CGM Endangered Species Sat 8-9:30

Donation $100 Lit $0

Need GSR

Chair: Bethany


Treasurer: Janet

Co-treasurer: OPEN POSITION

Secretary: Kelly

Co-secretary: OPEN POSITION

RCM: Dave (Brenda not present)


Lit: Tom

Rec & Fi: (Rusty not present)


RCM Report

CRC convention went well, still taking inventory, total sales 15,676.22

HIPR has a mentorship panel for newer H * I PR Members. Contact

Helpline needs help and a coordinator.

CRSC Treasurer ending balance $28,502.14

Area 3-13-22

H & I Report

Share is the only facility we are currently in. Sat 10am

Need Speakers and panel leaders.

Lit order $174.10

Old Business

IRS issue still unresolved. Janet is going to work on getting a new EIN.

Open Forum

Preliminary Treasurer’s Report: took in $287.45

Total before lit 2951.12

New Business

Motion Lit $169.10 (without charge) PASSED

Motion Janet to start a new PO Box PASSED

Motion to end area zoom PASSED

Move may area to the 15th

Lit Report

Total order $215.85

Final Treasurer Report


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